Suzaan B.

Suzanne has her degree in class violin and enjoys playing classical as well as contemporary and American Folk. Her degree covers her knowledge on violin, viola and Fiddle. She also teaches beginning piano.

With over 13 years of Private teaching experience under her belt, Suzaan has also gained experience in a classroom setting as a Violin Teacher at the local Accent on Access Violin program at Edison Bethune Charter Academy, as well as currently working for Clovis Unified School District as substitute teacher for the Visual and Performing Arts department. A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from California State University Bakersfield, Suzaan earned her Associate in Arts degree, Cum Laude, at Antelope Valley College.

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Linda G.

 Currently, Linda plays “first fiddle” for the Wawona Philharmonic summer barn dances in Yosemite National Park.  She also participates as a musician in the annual Civil War reenactments in Kearney Park, in Fresno County.  She looks for opportunities to play the fiddle, mandolin, Celtic harp and piano with various local groups.  Linda enjoys playing Old Time, Irish, Scandinavian, Mexican and American folk music.